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My formal methods are informed by graphic and landscape design, while a deep love for experimentation allows me to incorporate fluid elements of loose abstraction. Disciplined composition is balanced by ethereal expressions of space and time. Color and emotion leap from the canvas as I consistently strive to produce work that will make the audience feel rather than think.

Jesse Slade traces his artistic roots to his upbringing in Los Angeles, where he was raised with an acute awareness of the fine arts. His mother, a professional painter, infused his childhood with an art education that reached far beyond the classroom. As a result he formed a strong artistic leaning at avery early age. In school Slade immersed himself in art classes and began mastering the fundamentals of drawing, painting, and sculpture. He continued his formal training at the University of Arizona and earned a BFA in 2000. Upon graduating Slade accepted a position at a design firm in Los Angeles, creating posters and tour books for bands like Aerosmith and The Backstreet boys. Immediately, however, he was stifled by the strict limitations of the design job. He began working for his family's landscape contracting business and focused his creative efforts towards developing an impressive body of work.

Jesse Slade demonstrates a proven pedigree in the arts, including a unique talent in electronic musical composition. Despite such a wide artistic range he has consistently returned to the abstract genre. Slade's paintings  display his deep understanding of nonobjective rendering and owe themselves to the artist's grasp of color, form, and sound.
Music, emotion, and imagination are the inspirations for Jesse Slade's abstract paintings. He creates large-scale atmospheric worlds of color; the compositions reveal both the artist's formal training and his innate ability to make intuitive choices about form. Slade paints predominantly in acrylic on wood panel and his work boasts a sensitivity and skill in handling his medium. Slade ‘s luminous paintings allow the viewer freedom to draw one's own emotional and physical response.

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